Residents look better. Residents feel better!

Senior Salon Services

Salon Services and Management

We have been servicing the senior community for over four decades.  Since 1970 our team has been enhancing the lives of residents in Nursing, Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities.  Our mission is to give every resident a remarkable salon experience.  We know from personal experience the effects a salon visit has on residents and from that came our  motto

"Residents Look Better, Residents Feel Better".

Our staff of Licensed Stylist understand the needs of the senior community. Our management staff is always available to assist with the resident satisfaction.

We take the burden of running a salon off of your hands and into ours.

Trent Salon Services is a strong selling point to families of new residents.

We focus on providing the highest-quality hairdressing and barbering services to every resident we service.

Salon Services

At Trent Salon Services, we understand you have enough to do with running your Facility without having to run a beauty salon.  That's where Trent Salon Services comes in.  We are committed to helping you provide senior salon services without having to run an actual salon within your facility. We will not only be an asset to your residents; partnering with us will also give you tremendous savings. We have a large staff of stylists and experienced salon managers who can take care of the hairstyling needs of your senior occupants.

 Your Residents Should Look Better and Feel Better!

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 Choose us as your Salon Service Provider!

In addition to offering quality  salon services, we also use the finest hairstyling supplies. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our salon products and supplies. We are more than glad to walk you through our senior salon services.

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